How does ordering work?

Peko is not a subscription service, we are a single-purchase service! This way, you're in full control of when you want your produce. This also means you will never be charged for anything you do not explicitly purchase, and would only be asked to be paid per box.

Instead, we opt for a system where you are notified by email every week when our order form opens. Our order form for the following weekend opens every Thursday at 12:00PM PT.

Rough delivery windows are as follows:

South Vancouver/Vancouver West/UBC: 11AM - 1PM

Richmond: 1PM - 2PM

Kitsilano Area: 1PM - 2PM

Downtown Vancouver: 2PM - 3PM

Burnaby: 3PM - 6PM

This is a rough estimate of delivery windows as seen from our previous delivery cycles. They may not be accurate for your window.

Why did we start Peko Produce?

$3.1 billion worth of produce is rejected every year in Canada due to cosmetic reasons. Meanwhile, living costs are rising every day, and organic food isn't exactly the cheapest thing in the grocery store!

Peko believes in a world with no food waste where everyone can afford to eat healthy. Moreover, we strongly believe that consumers can and should vote with their dollars to encourage more sustainable and ethical growers, therefore creating a better food system for all!

What is peculiar produce?

Our produce falls into two buckets:

1) "Peculiar" looking: They're discoloured, misshapen, or have suffered some minor bruising and/or damage. Among farmers, they're often known as "seconds" or "thirds", and some might generally be a little less fresh than the first-grade ones. However, much of our produce is harvested from the ground less than 2 days before delivery!

2) Surplus: Sometimes, farmers and wholesalers just have too much produce, more than what grocers want!

Many produce never made it into traditional grocers and are destined to be in the landfill due to these reasons. That's where you and Peko come in!


What is in a Peko produce bag?

A bag of Peko Produce is can be best described as a "mystery bag". It includes 5 - 7lbs of peculiar fruit and vegetables that are in season and showcased on our website and social media. In the past, we have included juice-grade items, but they have since been removed to make room for fresher produce that are misshapen, discoloured, or only suffer minor damages.

While you can make a note of your preferences, we can't always guarantee to match them due to supply fluctuations, though we'll try our best. ☺

How does packaging work?

We strive to minimize wastage, so 100% of our packaging is recyclable. Your order will come in a larger paper bag, where heavier items stay at the bottom. Softer items such as tomatoes will be stored in smaller paper bags to avoid squishing things!

While we don't actively use non-recyclable packaging, we can't do much about what our suppliers choose to use. That's why sometimes you might find some leafy greens/herbs coming in rubber bands, and some soft produce coming with a plastic lid/container.


How does delivery work?

We're a tiny, but mighty team! Delivery costs are accounted for in every order. We only deliver on Sunday, a day after we receive our produce to ensure freshness. We aim to deliver all Peko Produce orders before 6PM PT. Please leave any notes that will assist us with delivery in the notes section when you make a purchase - we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate to your schedule due to the wide geographic region we service.

How do payments work?

We handle all transactions through PayPal. All customers are able to use their credit/debit cards via the PayPal checkout system. All tips go to our drivers. We will never charge payments without your direct authorization via our checkout system. We do not have access to your card information after you make a purchase. 

How can I reach the Peko team?

Any questions of inquiries can be directed to hello@pekoproduce.com. You can expect a response within 24 hours on weekdays, and 48 hours on weekends. Thanks for your patience for our small team of two!

Where do you source your produce?

Great question! We source from both local farmers, as well as wholesalers who have imported produce from outside Canada. This way, we can support local farmers, while providing you variety regardless or the season and rescuing as much food waste! 

Here is the list of our current suppliers: Klippers Farm, Abbotsford Fruit & Vegetable Farms, Richmond Country Farms, Ice Cap Organics, and Discovery Organics.

We are working hard to increase the number of partners to offer you more variety and consistent supply! 

Is your selection organic?

MOST or ALL of our selection is certified organic produce, though we aim to rescue all kinds of produce. You can see what's available each week and if they're organic on Peko Produce Market page!

Where do I send my feedback?

If you have any feedback or request for us, please feel free to send it HERE.