Why You Should Start Packing Lunches
MARCH 09, 2023
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Most of us are aware that packing lunch is a good way to save money but it can be a difficult task to start. With stores closing and prices going up, it is no question that current economic situations are tough. We have listed out a few reasons that might encourage you to consider packing your lunch (for most days of the week to begin)!


1. It's cheaper. As already mentioned, preparing your own food is a lot cheaper than buying at restaurants or cafeterias. While organic and healthy ingredients might be a bit more expensive, the cost of all ingredients together creates more meals for less. A good trick to keep in mind when meal-prepping is to only buy ingredients that you need! 

2. It's healthier. While food places now offer healthy options, packing your own lunch helps you stick to your desired diet better. You will be more likely to get at least 2 servings of fruits and vegetables and control your portions when packing your own lunch. Plus, you won't be tempted to buy unhealthy options like pizza and fries. You are also less likely to skip lunch! 

3. It's safer. A lot of people have food allergies which require a lot of attention especially when it comes to kids. Even if food vendors claim to produce in a peanut-free factory, for example, there is no guarantee that there is no cross-contamination. 

4. It improves your "cooking" skills. A simple Google search will help you come up with different ideas and show you the easy steps. You can also get the creative juices going by experimenting with different combinations. 

5. It decreases food waste. With good containers, you can easily pack your dinner leftovers and reheat them for lunch the next day. Meal-prepping also makes you more aware of what's currently in your fridge. 

6. It's more enjoyable. When you don't have to line up to buy your lunch, you have more time to enjoy it. Plus, you can pack the food you really like rather than settle for what's on the menu that day. 

7. It produces less waste. Preparing lunch reduces waste from plastic wrappers, containers, plastic cutlery, and takeout bags when buying ready meals or ordering delivery. It is more sustainable for the environment, especially when using reusable containers.




Dietitian Debbie 

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