Smoothies VS Juicing - Is One Better?
MAY 26, 2022
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Nothing beats a smoothie or juice- especially after a workout or a long day at work. Sometimes, juices get a very good rep for what they are. It’s important to know the differences between juices and smoothies, and how each could be better for you than the other. We will say however, one does have an edge over the other!


Smoothies, which is the process of blending fruits or vegetables with a liquid binder is a great way to gain key nutrients! Smoothies, depending on the ingredients, can include things like strawberries, kale, and other antioxidant-packed produce items. Traditionally, smoothies have always been a favourite for many, as they can have a sweet or tangy flavour that make intaking fruits and vegetables a fun and exciting experience.


Juicing however, is often referring the process of cold-pressed juices, which involves using hydraulics to hard-press fruits and vegetables. This allows for a large amount of the juice to be extracted without using heat, which preserves more vitamins and enzymes. With the absence of heat, there is a shorter shelf life to pure cold-pressed juices, often only lasting around 3 days maximum.


Between the two, both are amazing ways to enjoy fruits and vegetables. If we had to choose one however, we really recommend taking your smoothie game to the next level. Nothing against juices, but with smoothies containing more fibre, this would help with normalizing bowel movements, lowering cholesterol, and more! When smoothies aren’t available however, you can always grab a super refreshing juice! (Just beware of the levels of sugar in these juices as they can spike blood sugar levels very quickly!) Want some produce to test your new juicer or blender? Feel free to order your Peko Produce Box to have your fun!

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