How To Beat the Outdoor Heat? Try Melons.
MAY 25, 2022
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How To Beat the Outdoor Heat? Try Melons.

You know how Canadian 4 season weather works. One day, it’s a snowy blizzard, and the next, you get the blistering hot feeling of sunburn on the back of your neck. It’s just how our climate is here. Before you stock up on several sports drinks, it may be helpful to bring some snacks with you as well. Not only do fruits and vegetables as snacks serve as nutritious ways to fuel your workout, but many are filled with hydrating liquids that can aid in rehydrating your systems. To make thing easy, we’re giving you the rundown on melons that you can bring to your next sweat session (Also including some helpful tips on how to bring them and what they’re helpful for).

How to cut a melon! 


Melons, and more specifically, summer melons, are the ones we are most familiar with. These include the amazing family of watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew. These melons taste extremely sweet, juicy, and are very nutritious! (They make a great summer snack as well). Summer melons are packed with hydration and are fruits with one of the highest amounts of water content. This is extremely useful in replenishing your fluids after a big sweat under the sun. Along with high levels of water content, these summer fruits are packed with nutrients that can help aid in overall body health!



Watermelons, which are fruit with extremely high levels of water content, are packed with Lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that gives this fruit such beautiful red pigment and colour! This antioxidant can help protect your cells from external damage as well as assist in cardiovascular and bone health! Talk about a fruit that is hydrating and helps your body. Perfect for replenishing your body after a sweaty workout.

To bring watermelon to your next workout, we recommend refrigerating after cutting, and putting it in a tight, leak-proof container. Make sure to insulate the temperature as well as to keep the watermelon juice as cold as possible.



Cantaloupe provides an excellent amount of Vitamin A, B6, C, and potassium. Alongside having tons of water content, these fruits are simply amazing. Packed with healthy fibres, these fruits aid in endurance and endurance activities! Long hike? Bring some cantaloupe for a snack and you’ll be destined for your best performance. Let’s not forget how cantaloupe can help with reducing high blood pressure as well. A godsend of fruit really!

We recommend letting your cantaloupe ripen for about two days. If it’s ready to be cut, make sure to cut wedges, cover the surfaces, and store in the fridge for up to around 3 days. Cut these up and bring them in a leak-proof container and you’re set! They’re best enjoyed cold as well so some icepacks may help!



Honeydew is probably one of the most enjoyable flavours ever. The melon itself is packed with high water content, which is perfect for replenishing your sweat-filled day. These melons are packed with Vitamin C (An essential vitamin for just about every bodily system), as well as B6 Vitamins, which help with skin, circulatory activities, and more. Next time you decide to treat yourself to a Honeydew Bubble Tea, try opting in for the whole fruit instead (Or do both. We don’t judge here).

Honeydew, much like watermelon and cantaloupe, is best when ripe and stored in a refrigerated setting. You can chop them up, put them in a Ziploc or sealed container, and enjoy! Make sure to keep them cool! 

Overall, melons are extremely important fruits that can help maintain our bodily systems. These fruits are water-packed and help with so many bodily functions. Who doesn’t want to enjoy the outdoor heat with some sweet, juicy, and hydrating fruit? The best part is some of our Peko Produce Boxes may contain melons for your next snacking adventure. Want to give us a try? Click here and you can try your luck. If life doesn’t give you melons, we might just give you a random assortment of other produce! We hope you stay hydrated this spring-summer season!



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