Easing Into a Plant Based Diet: Tips and Tricks
MAY 25, 2022
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It’s without a doubt that plant-based diets are beneficial for everyone. Whether it be incorporating more fruits and veggies into your diet, or going fully plant-based, it’s important to recognize some different ways you can ease into this style of eating without it feeling too overwhelming.


Focus Less on Meat and More on Produce

Making a meat ingredient the primary focus to a meal is a very traditional mindset of eating. We can’t blame you- We’ve kind of adapted to eating this way. A big piece of meat, some mash, and vegetables on the side seems to be an American diet that many have adapted to. When you stop making meat the primary focus of your meals, it’ll be easier to ease into replacements and alternatives. Imagine different dishes full of flavours and colours instead of relying on a chunk of meat! You can view some recipes here that give you protein without the animals!


Educate Yourself in The Aisles

Grocery aisles can be daunting sometimes. It’s important though to do some research when taking your grocery trip. In butcher areas of the grocery store, many have adapted to include plant-based alternatives from reputable brands. You can take your time to dig through some ingredient lists and see what plant-based ingredients are being used. You can still enjoy the flavour while making more environmentally friendly purchases at the store!


Experiment and Play with Your Food

It’s important not to go “full send” and move into a fully plant-based diet so quickly. It’s important to know your dietary needs and maybe it’s just about having more fruits and vegetables. You should always experiment with foods, see which one’s fit into your lifestyle, and make slow and steady changes. Mess around- Play with your food- and see what feels good for you! You can get yourself a Peko Produce Box, receive a random assortment of produce and see what tastes good to you! You’ll be surprised by what plant-friendly dishes you can make with one!


Be kind to yourself, eat well, and have fun with finding new ways to incorporate more plant-based dishes into your diet! Be steady, take your time, and find out what feels best for you! 



Harvard Health