All About Food Stash (And Our New Partnership!)
OCTOBER 06, 2022
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Have you seen the new delivery date popping up in your inbox or online? That’s a part of our new initiative in partnership with Food Stash. Continue reading to learn more about why this partnership and more about Food Stash!

Peko has always been about eliminating food waste from the get go and sustainability has been a driving force behind our organization since the first wave of boxes were delivered roughly a year ago. Roughly 58% of food in Canada is wasted, and only 4% of edible food is rescued. Peko’s aim has been to continue to drive that number of rescued food items up, but of course it hasn’t been easy. Which is why we’ve partnered with Foodstach to create a new initiative that not only continues to make an impact on eliminating food waste, but also provides funds to an organization that is focused on providing for food insecure individuals. 

Food Stash is a Vancouver-based and women-led organization (like our own) that focuses on providing food to feed over 350 food insecure individuals weekly and supplying rescued food to over 30 charities in the Greater Vancouver Area. Established in 2016, Food Stash has been able to rescue over 85,000 pounds of perishable food each month from over 20 local grocery stores and wholesalers. With 75% of this healthy food delivered to over 30 community-serving partner organizations, Food Stash has been making waves since it first began. The remainder of the rescued food items gets stored at Food Stash’s Rescued Food Box for home deliveries, and a Rescued Food Market. 

Food Stash has also been on a rapid upward growth for making a bigger impact in our local community. In the past 5 years, Food Stash has been able to grow from around 20 community partners and 10 volunteers to over 1,979 volunteer hours and 27 community partners in 2021. On a continual mission to do more good, Food Stash has some meaty goals for the upcoming few years. On top of expanding its programming’s reach, Food Stash is looking to convert their delivery fleet to all electric or bike-based to minimize the carbon footprint they make as a byproduct of deliveries. In addition to trying to decrease their carbon footprint, Food Stash is also looking to monitor and report their emissions accurately and to the best of their abilities so that community members and donors alike can understand the tangible impact they are making. 

So why Peko and Food Stash?

Our values align with Food Stash in many more ways than just one. As a company dedicated to providing you with the best possible produce that is overstock and surplus, Peko has been able to create the amazing community that we have today. Our partnership with Food Stash helps move them a little closer to their goal with each delivery we make. 60% of our revenues from boxes in the new partnership will be going to Food Stash, to help keep them in the green while also creating space for them to expand as an organization. Think of it this way, by buying a Peko box, it’s almost like you’re giving a box to Food Stash to provide to their community members!

For more information about Food Stash, make sure to check out their site here. Curious about our Food Stash delivery date? Check it out here!