Peko's New Launch: The Peko+ Box
FEBRUARY 12, 2024
Save Up To 40% Off
Your Groceries!
With a Peko Produce Bag.
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VANCOUVER, BC— February 12, 2024 —  Peko, Western Canada's first "peculiar" & surplus grocery delivery service, is expanding across all grocery categories to continue its fight against food waste, Peko currently services most of Metro Vancouver and Metro Calgary as a sister company of Fresh Prep, Canada’s most sustainable meal kit company.


In addition to its signature Peko Bag which features a mystery assortment of produce, Peko is launching Peko+ Box, featuring more than 5 varieties of proteins, dairy, produce, or pantry goods at up to 40% off retail prices. Each box retails for $29.69 for subscribers or $32.99 for one-time buyers (note: $3 delivery fee not included).


For every order, $1 will be donated to the Leftover Foundations in Alberta, or Food Stash Foundation & Vancouver Food Runners in British Columbia.


For Metro Calgary deliveries, pre-order by 12:59 AM MT every Tuesday for deliveries every Wednesday between 3 PM to 9 PM MT. 


For Metro Vancouver deliveries, pre-order by 11:59 PM PT every Tuesday for deliveries between 11 AM to 7 PM PT every Thursday. 


To make a purchase and join our mission of fighting food waste, check out Peko’s product selections on our website.



About Peko: 


Peko is Western Canada’s first delivery service dedicated to “peculiar” & surplus groceries at up to 40% off retail prices. Initially started as a passion project by two female university students to fight food waste, Peko has diverted 300,000+ lbs of food from going to the landfill and saved customers close to $1 million in grocery bills. Peko was acquired by Fresh Prep - Canada's most sustainable meal kit and a Certified B Corporation® - in February 2023. 

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About Fresh Prep
Fresh Prep is a meal kit delivery service offered in over 35 municipalities throughout BC and Alberta. Founded in 2015, Fresh Prep delivers everything needed to make meals at home in under 30 minutes, plus delicious sides, salads and snacks. With a focus on sustainability, ingredients are delivered in reusable, insulated cooler bags, and many recipes are available in Fresh Prep’s patented Zero Waste Kit containers—minimizing single-use plastic waste and reducing impact on the environment. 

Meals are affordable and recipes are diverse to fit the needs of individuals, couples or families. Fresh Prep is a Certified B Corporation®, dedicated to doing business responsibly —balancing purpose and profit.


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