Balsamic Kale Salad with Grapes

by Clover Lee

Balsamic Kale Salad with Grapes
Smothered in a homemade balsamic vinaigrette and interspersed with grapes, this summery kale salad is nutrient-dense, light, and delicious.
  • Salad:
    • 3 cups kale, torn into small pieces
    • 1 cup grapes, halved
    • 1/2 cup carrots, thinly julienned
    • 3 tbsp sliced almonds
    • 3 tbsp dried cranberries
  • Dressing:
    • 1/3 cup olive oil
    • 3 tbsp balsamic vinegar
    • 1 clove garlic, minced
    • 1/2 tbsp honey
    • 1/2 tbsp Dijon mustard 
    • salt and black pepper, to taste
  1. Dressing: Combine all ingredients into a large mixing bowl & whisk until emulsified.
  2. Salad: Add the torn kale into the mixing bowl with balsamic vinaigrette. Massage the dressing into the kale—the volume will decrease in half as the kale softens. Gently toss in the rest of the ingredients with the kale.
  • Serve cold! :)