What to do with Your Peko Boxes and Insulated Totes
FEBRUARY 07, 2023
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As many of our Pekommunity has heard, we switched to using insulated totes for a few weeks. Although we will be reverting back to boxes soon, we wanted to share some ways to reduce, reuse and recycle your bags and boxes. 

Grocery Bag, Picnic Tote, Lunch Bag

Keep your produce cool and safe by using your tote as a grocery bag, picnic tote, or lunch bag! With Vancouver trying to reduce plastic, many stores do not provide plastic bags anymore. Bring your insulated tote and you are one step ahead of the game!

Gift Bag & Art Project

The shiny silver part inside the bag offers an opportunity for art projects and gift bags! Use your creativity and turn this tote bag into something new. The bag and box is also amazing to use for gifts. Sturdy, small, and compactable, you are basically giving 2 gifts at once! 

Wet-Gear Bag

With the silver lining, nothing is leaking through this bag! After a day at the beach or a swim in the pool, place your wet gear in this bag to avoid a wet mess.


Poke some holes on the side of your cardboard box and use it as a planter! Add some dirt and your favorite plants and you have your own DIY garden.

Extra Storage

One of the best uses for boxes is storage! Keep your boxes so you always have extra room to store anything away for a period of time. For instance, decorations, memories, old clothes, a donation box, etc!

Furniture Sliders

Have a stubborn piece of furniture that keeps sliding and ruining your floor? Use a piece of cardboard and slip it right under the area. This can avoid any traction and scratches to your floor.

If you find no need for your boxes anymore, remember to always recycle the cardboard! If it ends up in the landfill, it can produce methane and carbon dioxide and organic materials break down. Both of these gasses are greenhouse gasses, so their release into the atmosphere has detrimental effects on the environment and on our climate.