What to do with your Extra Peculiar Produce
SEPTEMBER 29, 2022
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Sometimes we may come across some extra special peculiar produce! Usually, produce that is on the softer side or has gone a bit brown we accept it is time for it to go. Instead of throwing them away in your compost, here are some ways to save the special ones:


Make Smoothies or Juice

Fruits that have been squashed or have gone a bit soft are perfect for smoothies! You are simply giving the blender less work to do. Smoothies are super versatile where you can add strawberries, spinach, avocado, blueberries, anything you would like. When preserved correctly, you can make multiple smoothies for a few days to help with meal prep.


Make Jam, Puree, or Sauces

Use those extra soft fruits to make some delicious homemade jam! When preserved correctly, the life of the jam can last anywhere between 6 months - 2 years. You prolonged the life of your fruit by so much!


Make it into a Dessert: Banana Bread, Fruit Cake

The best way to use brown bananas is for banana bread! Banana bread is simple, soft, delicious and the perfect snack for any occasion. Similar to banana bread, you can add your soft berries into cake batter to turn your vanilla cake into a fruit cake!