The Love Language of Food
FEBRUARY 14, 2023
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Food. We have it every day, it’s all around us in our lives, and it’s something we love to share. Lots of holidays are centered around food, whether that’s Thanksgiving dinner, a Christmas feast, or a dinner date at Valentines. But why is food such a popular way for us to show that we care about others? 



Firstly, food is a way of story-telling. Think about your favourite meal - is it associated with a special memory? Maybe it was a recipe your grandma taught you, or it was the first thing you learned to cook without burning, or it was the most delicious meal you’ve ever tried at a restaurant that you just had to learn how to make yourself. Chances are that we all have some pretty significant memories associated with food. Beyond our personal histories, food can be a way to share our culture with others. There are so many cultures and cuisines out there, and so  it’s always pretty exciting to be able to share your culture through a delicious meal with those you love.Ultimately, when you share a meal you’re also sharing a story. And stories are how we connect and develop relationships with people.


Quality Time

Secondly, food is a way we spend time with people. On average, humans spend over an hour every day eating. Many of us spend mealtimes with others, where we exchange stories about our day or just enjoy each other’s company. In our increasingly busy lives, being able to sit down with people we love to enjoy a meal together and catch up with can be pretty special. 


Acts of Service

Finally, food is a labour of love. Beyond the actual cooking time, you are also dedicating time to planning time with your loved one to share this meal, you’re thinking of what their favourite food is to make, and so much more. Often, the people we’re willing to dedicate this much time to are the people that we love. Vice versa, next time think of your parents, friend or loved ones cooking something for you, think about all the time and care that they put into it!

With Valentine’s Day coming up, this can be a perfect time to flex your skills in the kitchen and simultaneously tell someone ‘I love you’ with an awesome home-cooked meal. Happy cooking!




Psychology of Eating