How to Celebrate A Sustainable Boxing Day
DECEMBER 22, 2022
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Boxing Day is traditionally well-known to be the time where we spend our time and money looking for the best deals. This Boxing Day, we’re encouraging you to choose people over purchases, slow down and make the most of what we already have. Check out some tips and activities below on how to be more sustainable this season. 


1. Head out for a walk. Get some fresh air and improve your health and well-being. You can visit attractions like Lights at Lafarge Lake in Metro Vancouver.

2. Make the most of your leftovers. Rather than throwing out these leftovers and contributing to the global food waste problem, spend your Boxing Day trying creative ways to repurpose them into something delicious like soups.

3. Save your wrapping paper. Instead of throwing them away, put them in a storage bin so you can use them for gifts next year! 

4. Learn a new skill. Use your time by getting ahead of your new year resolution! Pick that instrument up or head to the gym and get that membership, you'll thank yourself later.

5. Read a book. Stay warm indoors by curling up with a good book and a warm cup of drink. 

6. Take Boxing Day literally. Declutter and see if you can swap every new thing received as a gift for an old thing that could be recycled, sold or donated to a good cause.

7. Spend time with your loved ones. Holiday season is about taking things slow and enjoying each other's company. Sit down and tell stories, play games, and watch some films--holidays won't happen again until another year after! 

8. If you really need (not want!) to buy something, try your best to thrift, buy local or buy stuff that's beneficial to yourself and the environment. Don't forget to turn off your electricity and grab a reusable bag before heading out! 


We hope this gave you lots of ideas on how to spend your Boxing Day in a new and sustainable way. Happy holidays!



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