Packaging and Delivery Fee Updates
APRIL 16, 2023
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Packaging Update

We are pleased to share that from April 30, Peko will be packaging all deliveries in reusable and insulated tote bags! In the summer, each tote bag will also come with a reusable ice pack, which you can also return. The switch away from cardboard boxes was made based on valued customer feedback and Peko’s own mission to make our operations as sustainable as possible.

To return, ensure that the bag is empty of all produce and place it in the same spot you typically receive your Peko packages the day of your next delivery. Our drivers will pick up the empty tote bag when they drop off your new delivery!

Soft Plastics Recycling

To further increase the sustainability of our operations we will be launching a soft plastics recycling program. All soft plastics that came from your Peko delivery (such as wrappers, bags, etc.) should be rinsed then placed in the empty delivery tote bag to be returned via the system outlined above. This change also reflects feedback we received from customers and we at Peko are so excited to be able to further our sustainability efforts.

Delivery Fee Update

Starting April 30, Peko will be implementing a $3 delivery fee on all orders. This new fee reflects increases in operational costs arising from our bag return and soft plastics recycling program. Peko is committed to providing our customers with a seamless delivery experience, and we are confident that our delivery operations will only continue to improve! 

As always, we are very grateful for the support of our customers and partners as we grow. Thank you for your continued support.